"Llum i Sabor" Awards

On Monday, 5 June, the “Llum i Sabor” (light and flavour) event was held in the modernist Pavelló dels Distingits at Institut Pere Mata in Reus. This recognises restaurateurs who use DOP Siurana extra virgin olive oil in their establishments.

An occasion to rival the quality of the product, the event was inaugurated by the renowned Eduard Xatruch from the restaurant Disfrutar in Barcelona.
We would particularly like to congratulate those restaurateurs who put their trust in the oil we produce in our cooperative. Fina Piqué Rovira (chef in the Josep M. Soler school), El Cobert restaurant, El Raconet restaurant, Càndia pizzeria, El Korkó bar-restaurant, Termes de Montbrió Hotel, Lizarran in Reus, Peixaters 8 restaurant in Reus, Forn Sistaré in Reus, Menjars Preparats Pladevall in Reus, and El Celler del Pernil.