nestled between the mountains and the sea

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The cooperative

The cooperative

Montbrió del Camp, with a 1,000-year of history, encapsulates the essence and nature of the land and Mediterranean culture.

We have always believed in our people’s strength and in the values that identify us: hard work and a love for the land. This spirit, our farming tradition and our outstanding climate make Montbrió an exceptional region for growing grapes and olive trees.  

Montbrió’s farmers are the cooperative’s soul 
Since 1944, our cooperative has allowed us to share knowledge, improve production, and market our products. Thanks to these many years of experience and our firm commitment to innovation, we look forward to the future with renewed eagerness; everything we do, we strive to do to the best of our abilities. Our way of life is authentic, true to the land.

The cooperative

Montbrió del Camp Agricultural Cooperative’s products have received many prizes and international awards for their quality.

An oil with an exceptional flavour

Arbequina extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed.


The cooperative
The cooperative
The fruit of our best olive trees

Top quality and 100% natural, from our fields to your table.

Montbrió del Camp is inside the Siurana DO, where the olive plays the lead role in a thousand-year tradition. The best time to harvest, the most suitable processes, wisdom passed down through the generations, and the loving care of skilled hands are what make Montebrione a great olive oil whose unique qualities allow you to enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean diet to the fullest.

All of Montebrione’s products come from Montbrió