Oli d’oliva verge extra arbequina

Arbequina extra virgin olive oil

Cold pressed

Oli d’oliva verge

An oil with an exceptional flavour

Montebrione oil is the result of a meticulous process of harvesting, selection and production that results in a high-grade olive oil obtained directly from arbequina olives by mechanical means. Its unique flavour, aroma, and intensity make a beautifully balanced extra virgin olive oil which has received awards for its characteristics typical of the Mediterranean diet.

Format Oil

  • 25 cl aceite
    25 cl
  • 50 cl aceite
    50 cl
  • 75 cl aceite
    75 cl
  • 1l Aceite
    1 l
  • 2 l aceite
    2 l
  • 5 l aceite
    5 l